Attention: low-quality products!

In the world, if on the one hand there are globalization processes, on the other hand, there is an increasing desire to protect the domestic market and national economy from undesirable «trends». The question arises: does globalization intensify competition and always guarantee the quality of products? In this space, does everyone work honestly and nobly? Do products in the markets always meet the requirements of safety of life and the world around them? We have decided to introduce to our readers on a regular basis the EU product safety systems. For this purpose, on our website we open a special section Attention: poor quality products, which contains information about poor quality products found both in the country and in foreign markets.
In the European Union, information on substandard products that pose a threat to human life and health is exchanged through the RASFF and RAPEX systems.

Launched in June 2014, the RASFF consumer portal is a user-friendly online tool that provides the latest information on food recall notifications. It also includes public health warnings issued by food safety authorities and food companies. Using this free tool, EU consumers can identify food items marked in the system, allowing them to make more informed choices.
Through the RASFF consumer portal, users have access to practical information on product recalls and public health warnings in any EU country. For example, a British consumer on holiday in Cyprus can consult the portal for up-to-date information on whether any products have been tagged in Cyprus, or a Finnish consumer can check the latest notifications before making their weekly purchase in Finland.

By selecting any EU country, the user can view a list of the latest notifications provided by EU countries or recall business operators. Information can be found in the «Published» section of the portal. After four weeks, the notifications will be deleted from the portal. Portal features will be further developed and improved based on user feedback.
In the European Union, information on poor quality non-food products that pose a threat to life and health is exchanged through the RAPEX system.

How do these systems work?

The European Commission disseminates information by publishing weekly notices on dangerous products.
The European Union structures relevant to market control of products react fairly quickly to citizens’ requests. Most inspections for products that do not meet safety criteria are carried out on the basis of customer applications. The European consumer is quite demanding about the quality and safety of products that are purchased for personal use.

The RAPEX system promptly sends information about a dangerous product to the relevant organizations and posts it on a special Internet portal ( The RAPEX system regularly monitors the entry into the EU markets and informs the member states of the community about undesirable products which are recommended to be withdrawn from sale.

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