Press Release



Agency “Uzstandart” provides practical realization of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On technical regulation”, “On standardization”, “On metrology”, “On certification of products and services”, “On conformity assessment” and other legal acts in the field of technical regulation, standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation.

Also ensures that the necessary level of harmonization of normative documents on standardization with international requirements is achieved.

Realizes the uniform state policy in the field of standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation, improvement of quality and competitiveness of production on the basis of application of the international standards, including on quality management system

Support the functioning and development of systems of standardization, uniformity of measurements, certification, accreditation and dissemination of scientific and technical information in these areas, as well as their harmonization with international, interstate and national systems of foreign countries

Makes arrangements to ensure consumer rights to comply with safety and quality requirements for products, works, services and protection against negative consequences of unreliable measurement results.

The agency has carried out the following works in the current year in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
from December 12, 2018 № PP-4059 “On measures for further development of systems of technical regulation, standardization, certification and metrology”.

The decree determines that specialized and agricultural machinery, technological equipment, component parts and spare parts for them, imported for own production needs, not produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as non-food raw materials, materials and products used in production are exempt from mandatory certification. In January-April; months of the current year, using these privileges, in 1376 cases, raw materials and component parts for 538.3 billion soums were introduced.

Savings of entrepreneurs for 2.1 billion soums, intended for certification and these  component parts are delivered to the production process as soon as possible.

70 business entities implementing and accretive  quality management systems properly, certificates are issued by declaration.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from January 10, 2019 № 5624 “Center for Accreditation”   introduced in the agency Uzstandart. In implementation of this decree, the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted a decree № 349 of 24 April 2019 “On additional measures to improve the work in the field of accreditation of bodies for assessing conformity”.

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers from April, 24th, 2019 №348 “About measures on the further perfection of activity of the Uzbek Agency of standardization, metrology and certification” is also pleasant. This resolution approved the provisions of the agency “Uzstandart” and the newly organized department on ensuring compliance with legal requirements in the field of technical regulation, standardization, certification and metrology.